PLD Metalworks is in fact not only the name of an artist group, it is  the name of a workshop. Our workshop. In the late autumn 2016 we started to build our shop in the barn of Peter "Dixi" Dissauer with the goal to establish a place for both of us, father and son. Here we can pursue our passion. Our passion to make, to create, to manufacture pieces of art, funiture, gifts for our friends or just simply to repair the lawnmower. On the 21st of July 2017 we proudly opened our workshop. Since then we spent countless hours in our creative provenance doing what we like.

Lino Dissauer

Lino Dissauer, 1991, Korneuburg

I learned to use tools and work with different materials from childs age. My father was my first teacher. Later on I attended different technical schools and became an electronics engineer. With the appearence of Youtube, especcialy the Maker community, I really got into making things, working with electronics, wood and metals. A dream became reality, when my father and I started to build our very own workshop.

Peter Dissauer

Peter "Dixi" Dissauer, 1962, Vienna

I am a  musician. In former times building and playing puppets, acting and  painting was the main focus of my work. I never thought to work with metal.     It was supposed to be dangerous. 2016 I changed my mind, I started with     plasma-cutting.  I create  my own style and I am still developping new ideas.

Many thanks to my son - he is the best  technical consultant. With him,  his skills and his knowlege we solved  a lot of tricky problems.

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